“Have More Fun”

Todd and Marsha Davis are the FUN Factor behind the Be Scottsdale Fit program. Along with our volunteer Fit Council members they are offering the Be Scottsdale Fit Wellness Workshops to your company or organization. This workshop experience provides participants with tips, tools and solutions to integrate volunteering, hobbies, interests, recreation and fitness into their weekly lifestyle.

Participants in this workshops will discover how to balance obligated time, or work and home requirements, with their free time to pursue special interests.  Have MORE Fun solutions and discussions are facilitated with the group to help plan their interests into their weekly schedule.  The results are individuals who look forward to much their leisure time and valued interests and activities. Studies show that people who recreate and live to be Fit, with interests and friends, are more happy at and away from work. Participants will also be introduced to the Scottsdale area programs, events and facilities and provided with a list of discounts for classes and workouts from our Fit Partners.

“People who show up to work happy, leave happy”

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